Beltane is right around the corner.

And again, I have procrastinated until the last minute to organize some activities to do with the little ones to celebrate! If you too are a procrastinator,  here is some help for you.

7 Simple Beltane Activities With Kids.

  1. I have no room for a Maypole. Or time to make one. So instead, we will be making ribbon sticks out of sticks we find on our walks and ribbon from the Dollar Store. Take them outside, dance and twirl around with them. Have fun! Here is an easy way to make them.
  2. We are going to plant some starter plants from our local hardware store. You could plant seeds as well but I am impatient so we like to start with an actual plant. We will plant them in pots and keep them on our deck. If you are lucky enough live somewhere without a Home Owners Association, feel free to actually plant them in the ground. 😛 Make sure the kids take are of the plants.
  3. We will be making May baskets. We will reuse the Easter baskets we have, fill them with fresh flowers and some food as goodwill. We will be dropping them off at our local food bank to be given to someone in need.
  4. Faires need some treats! We will be leaving out a bowl of milk and honey for them. And maybe some cookies too. Everyone likes sweets.
  5. So instead of the leaping over a bonfire ritual, we will be using a safer, modified ritual of our own. With my kids, I will keep a candle lit on a small table. If your kids are older or not nearly as impulsive as mine, then you can place the candle on the floor. We will hold hands and dance around the candle in a clockwise circle, all the while making wishes for what we want. Here is a great song to play in the background.
  6. Another fun activity we will do is make Rainbow Hats! Simple, easy and cheap. I am all about it! Here is what they look like. Use the ribbons from the Dollar Store and a paper plate. Easy peasy.
  7. And last but not least….. a yummy spring treat! We will be having fresh strawberries with homemade whipped cream. YUM!

What are you doing with your little ones to celebrate Beltane this year?

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