Baby Wishes

Are you trying to conceive?
Are you feeling alone, sad, defeated?

You ARE NOT alone!
Receive guidancesupport, and privacy during this difficult time.

In this beautiful package you will receive

  • An in depth oracle card/angel card reading covering the next 6 months. We will look at your emotional and psychological aspects as well as your physical and health related aspects. Also, we will look at the same for your partner. Then we will look at the aspects of the unborn child and the likely outcome. This personal reading will be recorded and sent to you via a private link.
  • We will follow up the reading with a 20 minute phone call or Skype session to discuss any issues that arise from the reading in a supportive, compassionate and completely confidential manner. You will be heard and I will relay any messages I receive for you.
  • The next step is you will be included in my next new or full moon ceremony, depending on what your needs may be. I will hold space for your intentions and I will also include distance healing.
  • All of this will conclude with one more follow up 20 minute phone call or Skype session to complete the energy process.

Hi! My name is Renee and I am an intuitive reader and healer.

I am also a postpartum doula who has been working with new and expectant mamas for almost 20 years. I have 6 children here earthside and 9 little souls on the other side.

I know how hard trying to conceive can be. I know the pain it can bring; the hope it creates; the fears it causes. We have been trying to conceive our last little one now for almost 3 years

I have found such comfort, direction and clarity in the messages I receive and the healings that I do for myself.

My goal is to help other women feel the same way! I am so passionate about supporting women like you and me.

“I had a reading from Renee and wow what a great and very accurate reading.

She was right about many things. She told me to work on my diet (I’m trying to get pregnant and need to control my diet better/change to a more fertility friendly diet).

She told me to change my thoughts about the whole process. I do tend to think very negatively about the process and expect the worst. She was right about things happening in my past, that I lost a baby boy and that I had a very difficult birth with my daughter. I did miscarry a little boy before I had my daughter and she was a somewhat difficult birth too as I had to have emergency c-section and dad was in another town and didn’t make it in time to be there for the birth.

She also had recommendations for my future actions which I’m definitely taking to heart.” NOTE- Camilla is now pregnant.


“Renee did a reading for my in early February, covering the next 6 months. I am 47 and ttc. So I asked if she could focus on if I would be conceiving. Her reading was extremely in depth and very accurate. She touched on where I was now, areas I was interested in, and how to focus on those things, stay the course, and focus on providing a welcome for a potential future child. It was so accurate I had goosebumps while listening to her. It was my first reading ever, and now I know why I waited. My husband and I were both crying at the end, we were so touched by how open, honest, and hopeful Renee was. I promise, I will let my worries go, trust in my journey, and prepare for the little girl soul waiting to join our family. Renee also performed a setting intentions ceremony for me during the full moon, and it too was extremely accurate. I am so thankful to have someone so skilled assist me in letting go of the bad and letting in all the blessings! Thank you again Renee. You don’t know how much this means to me, just to know that there is still hope. Blessings”



This package includes the following…

  • One in-depth oracle and angel card reading. The reading will be recorded and I will send you a private link for your viewing.
  • 2  20 minute follow up phone or Skype calls. One following the reading and one following the ceremony.
  • A ceremony held specifically for your intentions as well as distance healing for your emotional, physical and spiritual well being.
  • This beautiful package is being offered to you for $197