With Mabon right around the corner, I know many mamas are scrambling to put together a plan for the celebration.


Whether you call it  Mabon or the autumn equinox, it is an amazing day to have fun with the kids. It is a wonderful opportunity to teach them about the changing of the season. It is also a time to reflect upon your spiritual beliefs, teaching them while working side by side. 




Mabon is one of the days that the light and the dark are equal.


It is a time where we prepare for the descent into the darkness of winter. It is about cutting away what doesn’t work for us and working on the ideas and projects that do.



In light of keeping this a simple celebration, here is a quick list of 5 simple activities you can do with your kids this sabbat



  1. Start the morning by baking delicious apple cake for dessert after your feast. Here is an amazing recipe for you to try. 
  2. Next, take a nature walk to gather items for your nature table, altar and dinner table. Look for bright colorful leaves, acorns, gourds, vines such as ivy and any other nature items your children love. 
  3. Go for a hayride. This was a custom that grew out of riding the full hay wagon back home after the long day of harvesting.
  4.  Since this sabbat is known as the “Witches Thanksgiving”, then it is a fine day for a feast! Whatever that looks like for your family is perfect. 
  5. And finally, a bedtime story all about Mabon. Here is a link for some suggestions.  



If you are looking for more activities and rituals for Mabon, I have an amazing done for you package. It has activities for little kids, big kids and family activities too. We also have a private community to chat with other mamas about our plans. Come check it out here.

Autumn Equinox Celebration Package