The New Moon is upon us again! This is one of my favorite times of the month.  If you are anything like me, you have a grande vision of a big, elaborate ritual with all the trimmings in mind. But, the reality is, you will most likely be passed out with the little ones at 8 pm tonight.

As mamas, we struggle to find the time to actually practice our magick. We don’t have much free time, space to practice alone or energy to stay up late at night. I have several ways that I make my rituals easier and I would love to share then with you.

1} I have taken my “ritual time” and broken it up into a “ritual day”. It forces me to also take time for self care all day. 😃 So instead of having to do one ritual in the evening that takes 30 minutes to an hour or more, I break it all up throughout the day.

A- Take your herbal bath in the morning instead of your shower. Meditate for 10 minutes on what you would like your intentions to be this moon cycle. Alternately, if you have no time for an herbal bath, enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea while writing out your intentions in your moon journal.

B- Write out your intentions while the little ones are sleeping or watching a 20 minute show.

C- Do a quick tarot or oracle card reading while daddy or partner plays with the little ones for 15 minutes. Snap a picture of the reading for further interpretation when you have more time. Alternately, you could do a reading on your phone with an app while nursing the baby or laying down with the little one.

2} Remember, you can harness the energy of the New Moon at any time of day. We don’t need to wait until the evening, while we are exhausted to try to perform our ritual.

3} Make up a small, portable altar. You can use a decorative wooden box or an old tackle box, no matter what it is. Have all of your needed supplies together so when you do have a little time for a ritual, you aren’t scurrying around, looking for needed items.

4} This is a big one for me. Let water carry away your intentions. So, I mainly do my rituals in my master bathroom at night. I can’t burn paper in there while everyone sleeps. Also, I am really weird about fire among many other things but anyway……. After I write out my intentions, I take the paper and fold in up. I place it in a mason jar with water I have consecrated and I put it on the windowsill overnight. I leave it there for a few nights and then I take the water and dump it on the ground outside. The way I see it, the water carries my words back to Mother Earth for me. 😃

5} Find a quiet spot, even if it is in your bathroom. Or your garage. Anywhere you can be alone and in the quiet, it is a great place to practice your Magick!

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