If you are anything like me, you wait until the last minute to do pretty much anything. That includes preparing for holidays, birthdays and sabbats. I just realized that Imbolc is 2 days away. Yikes! So I am gathering my ideas and supplies for some easy, quick but fun activiites to do with my kids and also a small ritual for myself when everyone has gone off to dreamland.


My boys are 6 and 7 so they don’t have much patience for difficult projects. Honestly, my attention span is just as small and I don’t have much patience as well 😉


Here is what I plan to do to celebrate the midway point to spring.


1} On the eve of Imbolc, we will set up an altar on the fireplace mantel. We will light candles and say an evening prayer to the Goddess.


2} I will tell them a bedtime story while snuggled in my bed. This year we will read the story The Well and The Flame by Starhawk


3} In the morning, we will make honey cakes. We will let the dough rest in the refrigerator while we go for our walk.


4} We will go for a nature walk. We will talk about the beginning of spring, looking for signs of green. I will have them look for any animals and we will discuss hibernation and migration. We will also look for any cool items for our nature table and altar.


5} I will say a health blessing over my children. With this being flu season, I am calling in the Goddess to offer us protection. I will recite a prayer over the children as I walk in a circle around them. Then, I finish the blessing with the best CBD for Anxiety a creativity prayer over them while walking in a circle once again and sprinkling consecrated water on them.


6} We will cook the honey cakes and eat them for snack time.


7} Our art project this year will be baby sheep made with construction paper, cotton balls and glue. I am sure there will be lots and lots of glue…….


The night of Imbolc is mama time. Bedtime will be the normal routine. Mama time will be full of ritual, prayer and creating a blessed future for my family


If you are looking for a more detailed plan for your Imbolc Celebration, I have an entirely done for you package! Check it out here!