August 21st, 2017 is an amazing Solar Eclipse!


A Solar Eclipse occurs in nature as a phenomenon when the Moon enters between the Sun and the Earth, therefore, blocking the light of the Sun. A Solar Eclipse can be seen as a very powerful New Moon where important beginnings or endings occur. Use this time to let go of your old self and call in the new. Who do you want to be? The past, present and future all exist at this stage.


An energy similar to a complete cycle of solstices and equinoxes can be felt within just a few minutes, like a micro year.


During the eclipse, some people may experience a time of stillness. Others may feel uncertain and unbalanced. Just take some deep breaths and relax into the feelings. They will pass quickly. If you are looking for when you will be able to see some or all of the eclipse, look at this page.


On to the fun stuff!!


  1. I have a few different activities planned to do with the kids throughout the day. The eclipse will be visible here right after nap time so we will be able to see some of it. It is supposed to be a really nice day here so we will be sure to spend much of the day out in nature.




2. When we come home from the park, we will be having a little lesson on what happens during an eclipse. There are a few different places I found some lesson packs. This one here is the one I bought to use with my 4-year-old and 6-year-old. There is also this one here and this free printable here. 




3. We will be making some yummy moon pies for after dinner. This recipe is the one we will be using. Looks so good!!!




4. Next, we will be leaving some treats out for our fairy friends before the eclipse starts. We will leave out little bits of fruit with sugar, pieces of ribbons or lace that we can find and I like to leave tiny bits of crystals.




5. Before nap time, we will be saying an invocation to the sun on this amazing day! Since the Sun is still in Leo, here is the invocation we will be using.

We invoke you now, Leo- O Great Shining One

Show us the way by the light of Your Sun

Help us to visualize that which we need

So we can reach our goals with the greatest of speed

Squelch our inertia with Your motivation

Teach us empowerment through transformation

Guide us in playing our roles in Life’s stage

We welcome you, Leo, as Your warmth we engage

-Written by Dorothy Morrison-





6. We will be putting our crystals and our tools outside for the eclipse. I will leave them out there until the next morning.





7. After we have watched the eclipse and before we get ready for bed, we will be using this powerful time to talk about all of the things we want to let go of so that our new selves can emerge. I will be using a ritual bath for the little ones. I will be using lavender and epsom salts in the bath. You can just use plain water as well. I will light a candle for each child. After we talk about what they would like to change, those negative thoughts and traits will wash off and down the drain. Then they will blow out the candle to send out their intentions into the universe.





What amazing plans do you have for this powerful day?


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