Loss, Anger and Disconnect : 7 Ways To Reconnect To Your Spirituality and Yourself

Loss, Anger and Disconnect : 7 Ways To Reconnect To Your Spirituality and Yourself

The baby’s heart has stopped.


Those are words no pregnant woman wants to hear. And yet, here I was again. It didn’t shock me so much this time. The pregnancy was complicated from the start.


Really, I never let myself get connected this time.


Recurring loss has a way of disconnecting you from experiences that should be sacred. It is horrible. However, your higher self feels it is a necessary action to take.



Surgery went well and healing was quick and easy.


I was left feeling very disconnected from myself, my family and my spiritual practices. I had no desire to do anything. I knew I needed to find a way to reconnect to all that was important to me.


I want to share with you some things I have done over the past month.


First, I want to address a very important issue. Women who have suffered a loss are very much susceptible to postpartum depression, as are women who have had PPD in the past. Loss can trigger the depression all over again. If you are feeling depressed, overly anxious or are feeling hopeless, you need to call your healthcare provider ASAP. You can also call a hotline and speak to someone trained to help you. There is a hotline you can text a counselor, Crisistext.org and the number to text is 741741. There is also the Postpartum Support International and the number is 800-994-4PPD. And of course, there are many Facebook groups for PPD mamas. You do NOT need to walk through this alone. 


Also, if you are looking for a ritual to heal from the pregnancy loss, I have included the sign up for my free healing ritual.


[convertkit form=5002222]



Okay, so on to my ideas that I wanted to share with you all.


You can do one of them or all of them. Whatever works for you. I did them all since I was very motivated to get back in touch with everything that I hold dear.


  • Journaling- As much eye rolling that I do when people tell me to practice gratitude, this is one time it really does help. When you wake up in the morning, find at least 2 things to that the Goddess/God for and be grateful. Try not to pick the easy things like I have a comfy bed and we have food to eat. Dig deep!
  • Water Therapy- I love this one! Everyday, spend time in water. Everyday. Take a hot bath with salts, herbs or essential oils. Take a hot shower and spend time just feeling the water beat on your skin. Play in the sprinkler with your kids. Got to a creek or a lake with your little ones. Water is an amazing healer and connects you to Mother Earth.
  • Incantation- Chose a morning or evening incantation and say it everyday. Even if you are not feeling it. Just do it.
  • Meditation- I chose a crystal and carry it with you every day. Throughout the day, take the stone in your hand and close your eye. Breath. And for just one minute, ground yourself and say thank you. Try to do this a few times a day. Crystals that are great for this purpose are rose quartz, sunstone or unakite.
  • Goddess- Choose a goddess to connect with on a daily basis. Make a small altar for her if you can. If not, it is totally fine. Find time to spend 5 quick minutes with her once a day. Light a candle, close your eyes and call her to you. Then in your mind or spoken aloud, say I am here, I am open, I am waiting, I am listening. And then just listen. She may have something to say to you or she may not. If you received a message,write it down in your journal. Say thank you. Blow out the candle and go about your day knowing you are protected and loved.
  • Space Clearing- I know this sounds basic but really, you need to clear your space after you have experienced loss and anger. You need to get rid of the negative energy and bring the positive energy back in. I would do this once you start feeling a bit of connection again. Whatever your preferred way of cleansing happens to be.
  • Unplug- This is a hard one! LOL! Coming from someone who is plugged in most of the day and night, it really does help to stay of the phone, iPad and laptop. Play with the kids. Read a book or many books in my case. I forgot how much I love to read. Reading really connected me back to my creative side and helped me tap into my emotions. I know it is hard but trust me. Spend some time in the real world and you will be feeling whole again.
7 Simple Beltane Activities With Kids

7 Simple Beltane Activities With Kids

Beltane is right around the corner.

And again, I have procrastinated until the last minute to organize some activities to do with the little ones to celebrate! If you too are a procrastinator,  here is some help for you.

7 Simple Beltane Activities With Kids.

  1. I have no room for a Maypole. Or time to make one. So instead, we will be making ribbon sticks out of sticks we find on our walks and ribbon from the Dollar Store. Take them outside, dance and twirl around with them. Have fun! Here is an easy way to make them.
  2. We are going to plant some starter plants from our local hardware store. You could plant seeds as well but I am impatient so we like to start with an actual plant. We will plant them in pots and keep them on our deck. If you are lucky enough live somewhere without a Home Owners Association, feel free to actually plant them in the ground. 😛 Make sure the kids take are of the plants.
  3. We will be making May baskets. We will reuse the Easter baskets we have, fill them with fresh flowers and some food as goodwill. We will be dropping them off at our local food bank to be given to someone in need.
  4. Faires need some treats! We will be leaving out a bowl of milk and honey for them. And maybe some cookies too. Everyone likes sweets.
  5. So instead of the leaping over a bonfire ritual, we will be using a safer, modified ritual of our own. With my kids, I will keep a candle lit on a small table. If your kids are older or not nearly as impulsive as mine, then you can place the candle on the floor. We will hold hands and dance around the candle in a clockwise circle, all the while making wishes for what we want. Here is a great song to play in the background.
  6. Another fun activity we will do is make Rainbow Hats! Simple, easy and cheap. I am all about it! Here is what they look like. Use the ribbons from the Dollar Store and a paper plate. Easy peasy.
  7. And last but not least….. a yummy spring treat! We will be having fresh strawberries with homemade whipped cream. YUM!

What are you doing with your little ones to celebrate Beltane this year?

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Pregnancy Loss and Using Magick For Healing

Pregnancy Loss and Using Magick For Healing


The test was positive.

I was shocked to say the least. I have been trying to bring one last little soul here earthside with our family for over 3 years now. No easy task at 46 years old. But my magick I had been doing worked and there was the proof.

Two lines on the test.

So of course, I took several more tests, just to be sure. I told my family. My older kids were happy but reserved. I had a loss back in 2015 that was pretty hard on everyone. So they were a bit worried about me. I told them all I was celebrating every day this little soul chose to hang out with me. It turned out to be not long at all. I lost her a week later.

Pregnancy loss, miscarriage, is never an easy topic to discuss.

People don’t know what they should or should not say. But often, the quietness is deafening. Is travel ruby pregnant? Pregnancy loss sucks It’s okay to say that to a mama going through it. One thing I have learned from personal experience is it doesn’t matter how early you are when you lose a little one. From the moment you see the positive test, you love that child and you start to make plans right away. This is my eighth little one I have lost. It never gets easier and then pain never really does go away.

Releasing the grief and setting the guilt free is necessary.

I realized that I had never held any type of memorial for the little souls that were lost. I felt this time, I needed to do a ritual. And I needed to include the other 7 little ones too. I researched for a few days and found nothing to suit my needs.

So I created my own ritual.

I performed it last night, during the Dark Moon. The last tiny sliver of the waning moon that you cannot even see before celebrating new beginnings with the New Moon. It was tough. It was difficult. But, it was beautiful and magickal. And I am so happy that I took the time to remember each little one, turning them over to the goddess and then releasing them back to the earth, hopefully coming back if they chose to do so.

Magickal Healing Ritual for Pregnancy Loss

sage for cleansing or whatever you use to cleanse
a white candle
an object to represent the pregnancy or spirit that was lost. This could be a crystal, a picture or any other object that has significant meaning to you that you are able to let go of.
a small jar or a fireproof pot/cauldron
any crystals you would like to work with
Cleanse your space

Cast your circle

Call in the quarters

Light your candle and call in whichever Goddess or Deity you feel led to work with. I chose Hecate.

This is the time to tell her everything you feel about the loss. Allow the Goddess to listen and to offer you comfort.

I read a very beautiful poem.

Then take whatever object you have brought to the ritual, hold it in your hands and say a prayer to your lost little one.

For something that is burnable, you can then burn it in your pot or cauldron. Concentrate on releasing that little one back into the Universe

For something that you would like to bury or release back into the earth, you can place it in the jar and bury it in the yard. Or, you could release the stone or crystal into running water such as a stream. {do this after the ritual is over}

Sit and meditate as long as needed.

Release the quarters

Close the circle.

For a more detailed and in depth description on the ritual I created and performed, please enter your information below. The PDF includes step by step instructions with prayers, invocations and many other suggestions that may fulfill your needs.

Blessed Be!

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7 Easy Ways To Celebrate Imbolc With Your Kids

7 Easy Ways To Celebrate Imbolc With Your Kids

If you are anything like me, you wait until the last minute to do pretty much anything. That includes preparing for holidays, birthdays and sabbats. I just realized that Imbolc is 2 days away. Yikes! So I am gathering my ideas and supplies for some easy, quick but fun activiites to do with my kids and also a small ritual for myself when everyone has gone off to dreamland.


My boys are 6 and 7 so they don’t have much patience for difficult projects. Honestly, my attention span is just as small and I don’t have much patience as well 😉


Here is what I plan to do to celebrate the midway point to spring.


1} On the eve of Imbolc, we will set up an altar on the fireplace mantel. We will light candles and say an evening prayer to the Goddess.


2} I will tell them a bedtime story while snuggled in my bed. This year we will read the story The Well and The Flame by Starhawk


3} In the morning, we will make honey cakes. We will let the dough rest in the refrigerator while we go for our walk.


4} We will go for a nature walk. We will talk about the beginning of spring, looking for signs of green. I will have them look for any animals and we will discuss hibernation and migration. We will also look for any cool items for our nature table and altar.


5} I will say a health blessing over my children. With this being flu season, I am calling in the Goddess to offer us protection. I will recite a prayer over the children as I walk in a circle around them. Then, I finish the blessing with the best CBD for Anxiety a creativity prayer over them while walking in a circle once again and sprinkling consecrated water on them.


6} We will cook the honey cakes and eat them for snack time.


7} Our art project this year will be baby sheep made with construction paper, cotton balls and glue. I am sure there will be lots and lots of glue…….


The night of Imbolc is mama time. Bedtime will be the normal routine. Mama time will be full of ritual, prayer and creating a blessed future for my family


If you are looking for a more detailed plan for your Imbolc Celebration, I have an entirely done for you package! Check it out here!


5 Ways To Simplify Your New Moon Ritual

5 Ways To Simplify Your New Moon Ritual

The New Moon is upon us again! This is one of my favorite times of the month.  If you are anything like me, you have a grande vision of a big, elaborate ritual with all the trimmings in mind. But, the reality is, you will most likely be passed out with the little ones at 8 pm tonight.

As mamas, we struggle to find the time to actually practice our magick. We don’t have much free time, space to practice alone or energy to stay up late at night. I have several ways that I make my rituals easier and I would love to share then with you.

1} I have taken my “ritual time” and broken it up into a “ritual day”. It forces me to also take time for self care all day. 😃 So instead of having to do one ritual in the evening that takes 30 minutes to an hour or more, I break it all up throughout the day.

A- Take your herbal bath in the morning instead of your shower. Meditate for 10 minutes on what you would like your intentions to be this moon cycle. Alternately, if you have no time for an herbal bath, enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea while writing out your intentions in your moon journal.

B- Write out your intentions while the little ones are sleeping or watching a 20 minute show.

C- Do a quick tarot or oracle card reading while daddy or partner plays with the little ones for 15 minutes. Snap a picture of the reading for further interpretation when you have more time. Alternately, you could do a reading on your phone with an app while nursing the baby or laying down with the little one.

2} Remember, you can harness the energy of the New Moon at any time of day. We don’t need to wait until the evening, while we are exhausted to try to perform our ritual.

3} Make up a small, portable altar. You can use a decorative wooden box or an old tackle box, no matter what it is. Have all of your needed supplies together so when you do have a little time for a ritual, you aren’t scurrying around, looking for needed items.

4} This is a big one for me. Let water carry away your intentions. So, I mainly do my rituals in my master bathroom at night. I can’t burn paper in there while everyone sleeps. Also, I am really weird about fire among many other things but anyway……. After I write out my intentions, I take the paper and fold in up. I place it in a mason jar with water I have consecrated and I put it on the windowsill overnight. I leave it there for a few nights and then I take the water and dump it on the ground outside. The way I see it, the water carries my words back to Mother Earth for me. 😃

5} Find a quiet spot, even if it is in your bathroom. Or your garage. Anywhere you can be alone and in the quiet, it is a great place to practice your Magick!

How do you find the time to create your own magick? Come join us in our private Facebook group where we talk about all things magick and mothering.