3 Tips For Using Magick To Get Pregnant

3 Tips For Using Magick To Get Pregnant

At some point, you get tired of seeing the blank space on the test where you are willing a line to appear.

Trying to get pregnant isn’t always so easy for some women. While we all know people who get pregnant is you say the S word around them, that is not the norm. I promise.

I know all too well what it is like to see the negative test month after month. The worst feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach, wondering if you will ever see a line. It’s all consuming and it can really put a strain on your relationships.

Let’s talk about using our magick to increase our chances of getting pregnant, shall we?

First, know that I have been using fertility magick for years. In the past 7 years, I have achieved pregnancy 5 times. I had my 5th baby at 40 and my 6th baby at 42. Since then, we have had 3 losses. The issue that I have is my egg quality due to my age. So I am able to get pregnant, it is just a science issue after that. My doctor is always amazed that I can get pregnant naturally in my late 40’s. 

Here are 3 ways I would suggest you use your magick to help you get pregnant

  • Choose a fertility goddess to work with directly. I would then make a special place for her on your altar. Make sure you are connecting with her every day.


  • I would create a blessed pouch to carry with you, on you or to meditate with. All you need is a small organza pouch, add a small amount of fertility herbs such as fenugreek or hawthorn. Also, add a small fertility crystal such as unakite or carnelian. Then you can also add a cotton ball with a few drops of fertility essential oil such as patchouli or geranium. Tie the pouch up and use it however you feel most comfortable.


  • Do a simple fertility ritual right at the time of ovulation. An easy ritual is to simply take a candle and carve a symbol that reminds you of pregnancy such a the rune for fertility.  Then light that candle each night for 7 nights up to, including and a few days after ovulation. On the last night, allow the candle to burn all the way down.


I created a 5 day workshop on fertility magick. If you are interested in learning more, click here! 

5 Simple Ways To Celebrate Mabon With Kids

5 Simple Ways To Celebrate Mabon With Kids

With Mabon right around the corner, I know many mamas are scrambling to put together a plan for the celebration.


Whether you call it  Mabon or the autumn equinox, it is an amazing day to have fun with the kids. It is a wonderful opportunity to teach them about the changing of the season. It is also a time to reflect upon your spiritual beliefs, teaching them while working side by side. 




Mabon is one of the days that the light and the dark are equal.


It is a time where we prepare for the descent into the darkness of winter. It is about cutting away what doesn’t work for us and working on the ideas and projects that do.



In light of keeping this a simple celebration, here is a quick list of 5 simple activities you can do with your kids this sabbat



  1. Start the morning by baking delicious apple cake for dessert after your feast. Here is an amazing recipe for you to try. 
  2. Next, take a nature walk to gather items for your nature table, altar and dinner table. Look for bright colorful leaves, acorns, gourds, vines such as ivy and any other nature items your children love. 
  3. Go for a hayride. This was a custom that grew out of riding the full hay wagon back home after the long day of harvesting.
  4.  Since this sabbat is known as the “Witches Thanksgiving”, then it is a fine day for a feast! Whatever that looks like for your family is perfect. 
  5. And finally, a bedtime story all about Mabon. Here is a link for some suggestions.  



If you are looking for more activities and rituals for Mabon, I have an amazing done for you package. It has activities for little kids, big kids and family activities too. We also have a private community to chat with other mamas about our plans. Come check it out here.

Autumn Equinox Celebration Package

7 Fun Activities To Celebrate The Solar Eclipse With Kids

7 Fun Activities To Celebrate The Solar Eclipse With Kids


August 21st, 2017 is an amazing Solar Eclipse!


A Solar Eclipse occurs in nature as a phenomenon when the Moon enters between the Sun and the Earth, therefore, blocking the light of the Sun. A Solar Eclipse can be seen as a very powerful New Moon where important beginnings or endings occur. Use this time to let go of your old self and call in the new. Who do you want to be? The past, present and future all exist at this stage.


An energy similar to a complete cycle of solstices and equinoxes can be felt within just a few minutes, like a micro year.


During the eclipse, some people may experience a time of stillness. Others may feel uncertain and unbalanced. Just take some deep breaths and relax into the feelings. They will pass quickly. If you are looking for when you will be able to see some or all of the eclipse, look at this page.


On to the fun stuff!!


  1. I have a few different activities planned to do with the kids throughout the day. The eclipse will be visible here right after nap time so we will be able to see some of it. It is supposed to be a really nice day here so we will be sure to spend much of the day out in nature.




2. When we come home from the park, we will be having a little lesson on what happens during an eclipse. There are a few different places I found some lesson packs. This one here is the one I bought to use with my 4-year-old and 6-year-old. There is also this one here and this free printable here. 




3. We will be making some yummy moon pies for after dinner. This recipe is the one we will be using. Looks so good!!!




4. Next, we will be leaving some treats out for our fairy friends before the eclipse starts. We will leave out little bits of fruit with sugar, pieces of ribbons or lace that we can find and I like to leave tiny bits of crystals.




5. Before nap time, we will be saying an invocation to the sun on this amazing day! Since the Sun is still in Leo, here is the invocation we will be using.

We invoke you now, Leo- O Great Shining One

Show us the way by the light of Your Sun

Help us to visualize that which we need

So we can reach our goals with the greatest of speed

Squelch our inertia with Your motivation

Teach us empowerment through transformation

Guide us in playing our roles in Life’s stage

We welcome you, Leo, as Your warmth we engage

-Written by Dorothy Morrison-





6. We will be putting our crystals and our tools outside for the eclipse. I will leave them out there until the next morning.





7. After we have watched the eclipse and before we get ready for bed, we will be using this powerful time to talk about all of the things we want to let go of so that our new selves can emerge. I will be using a ritual bath for the little ones. I will be using lavender and epsom salts in the bath. You can just use plain water as well. I will light a candle for each child. After we talk about what they would like to change, those negative thoughts and traits will wash off and down the drain. Then they will blow out the candle to send out their intentions into the universe.





What amazing plans do you have for this powerful day?


I would love to hear how your day goes. Come join us in our private Facebook group where we talk about all things magick and mothering.

Full Moon Fun With Kids

Full Moon Fun With Kids


The full moon is here again!


The full moon is a time to release what no longer serves us and also a time of clearing and protecting our space. It is such a fun time to do rituals with kids, even the littlest can join in!


Here are some fun activities that my kids and I will be doing tonight.



  • Kids love to make noise! So today we will be clearing our home of any negative or stuck energies. The kids will use musical instruments or they can even clap loudly as we walk room to room. Make sure they get in the corners and behind the doors. While they are making the noise to break up the energy, I will be reciting this spell……
Bless this home and all within,
Mothers, Fathers, Children, Friends,
Keep safe and calm this hearth and home,
Never here let evil roam,
Protect this house from darkest sorrow,
Bless this home, now and tomorrow.
found on Hedgewitchesgarden.blogspot.com
  • We will light our moon candle which is simply a large white candle. Each child will then have a little candle to light {birthday cake candles 😉 } They will light their candle, say out loud what they would like to let go of this month or what they need to forget about and then they will blow out their candle, sending their intentions up to the god and goddess. Then we will eat cookies! Yum!



  • At bedtime, we will read stories about the full moon. Here are two books that are very cute! There are even short videos on YouTube with the book being read.

Kitten’s First Full Moon

YouTube version

The Full Moon At The Napping House

YouTube version


Have a blessed Full Moon mamas!

If you would like to connect with other magickal mamas and be part of our community, just click on the button below and it will take you right to our Facebook group. We would love to have you be part of our village! 

First Harvest: Simple Ways To Celebrate With Kids

First Harvest: Simple Ways To Celebrate With Kids

Lammas, Lughnasadh, First Harvest


The time between July 31st and August 2nd is called many things by different people. Whatever you refer to it as it is a fun time to celebrate the beginning of the harvest. It is the start of the descent into the dark months. It is a time to reflect on what you have done so far this year.


What seeds did you plant at the beginning of the year?


Have you nurtured those goals and intentions? If there are things that are not working for you, let them go. Focus on what goals will work and pour your heart into them. This is a time to take stock of what you have, what you don’t need and what still needs to be done before the winter.


It is also a time to be thankful.


Thankful for the abundance we have and that we are harvesting in our lives. Even if we are struggling, there is always something to be thankful for. Focus on those instead of focusing on what we don’t have.


Now on to the fun stuff.


Here is a list of activities we will be doing depending on time, weather and let’s be honest, mamas energy level.


  • In the morning, we will be baking a loaf of yeast bread. You could also make corn bread. Whatever works for your family. We will mix it all up and allow it to rise while we take a walk.
  • Take a walk in nature. We will collect some new objects for our nature table to reflect where we are in the season. We will be making our nature table into an altar for the time being.
  • Make up the nature table/altar. We will use items we collected on our walk. Also, ivy from the garden, orange and yellow candles, dried herbs {meadowsweet, sage, mint, calendula, willow and yarrow} and some seasonal fruits and veggies.
  • Make orange candles. Super simple! Get a large naval orange, cut off the top 1/3 of the orange, scoop out the insides like a pumpkin, place a votive candle inside. Viola!
  • We don’t have a garden to harvest so I will be taking the boys to a local farm to pick berries. This will include a lesson in planting, growing and harvesting our foods.
  • We will tell stories and listen to some songs. I will tell the story of the Queen Bee. You can find a copy here of the story. We also will listen to the song Sun King. You can find the lyrics and a video here.
  • We will be gathering items to donate to local food banks and charities. Anything is helpful. Food, clothing, books, toys. Also remember, kids are getting ready to go back to school and many kids need supplies they cannot afford.
  • Feast for dinner! We will be eating the bread we baked earlier in the day. We will have fried chicken, grilled vegetables, corn on the cob and a berry dessert. Grown ups will have some yummy mead. Kids will have fresh apple juice. We will use our orange candles for the table.
  • Before bedtime, we will leave a plate of offerings and some mead for the yard and garden spirits.

We hope you have a Blessed Lammas/ Lughnasadh/ First Harvest!


If you would like to connect with other magickal mamas and be part of our community, just click on the button below and it will take you right to our Facebook group. We would love to have you be part of our village! 



Loss, Anger and Disconnect : 7 Ways To Reconnect To Your Spirituality and Yourself

Loss, Anger and Disconnect : 7 Ways To Reconnect To Your Spirituality and Yourself

The baby’s heart has stopped.


Those are words no pregnant woman wants to hear. And yet, here I was again. It didn’t shock me so much this time. The pregnancy was complicated from the start.


Really, I never let myself get connected this time.


Recurring loss has a way of disconnecting you from experiences that should be sacred. It is horrible. However, your higher self feels it is a necessary action to take.



Surgery went well and healing was quick and easy.


I was left feeling very disconnected from myself, my family and my spiritual practices. I had no desire to do anything. I knew I needed to find a way to reconnect to all that was important to me.


I want to share with you some things I have done over the past month.


First, I want to address a very important issue. Women who have suffered a loss are very much susceptible to postpartum depression, as are women who have had PPD in the past. Loss can trigger the depression all over again. If you are feeling depressed, overly anxious or are feeling hopeless, you need to call your healthcare provider ASAP. You can also call a hotline and speak to someone trained to help you. There is a hotline you can text a counselor, Crisistext.org and the number to text is 741741. There is also the Postpartum Support International and the number is 800-994-4PPD. And of course, there are many Facebook groups for PPD mamas. You do NOT need to walk through this alone. 


Also, if you are looking for a ritual to heal from the pregnancy loss, I have included the sign up for my free healing ritual.


[convertkit form=5002222]



Okay, so on to my ideas that I wanted to share with you all.


You can do one of them or all of them. Whatever works for you. I did them all since I was very motivated to get back in touch with everything that I hold dear.


  • Journaling- As much eye rolling that I do when people tell me to practice gratitude, this is one time it really does help. When you wake up in the morning, find at least 2 things to that the Goddess/God for and be grateful. Try not to pick the easy things like I have a comfy bed and we have food to eat. Dig deep!
  • Water Therapy- I love this one! Everyday, spend time in water. Everyday. Take a hot bath with salts, herbs or essential oils. Take a hot shower and spend time just feeling the water beat on your skin. Play in the sprinkler with your kids. Got to a creek or a lake with your little ones. Water is an amazing healer and connects you to Mother Earth.
  • Incantation- Chose a morning or evening incantation and say it everyday. Even if you are not feeling it. Just do it.
  • Meditation- I chose a crystal and carry it with you every day. Throughout the day, take the stone in your hand and close your eye. Breath. And for just one minute, ground yourself and say thank you. Try to do this a few times a day. Crystals that are great for this purpose are rose quartz, sunstone or unakite.
  • Goddess- Choose a goddess to connect with on a daily basis. Make a small altar for her if you can. If not, it is totally fine. Find time to spend 5 quick minutes with her once a day. Light a candle, close your eyes and call her to you. Then in your mind or spoken aloud, say I am here, I am open, I am waiting, I am listening. And then just listen. She may have something to say to you or she may not. If you received a message,write it down in your journal. Say thank you. Blow out the candle and go about your day knowing you are protected and loved.
  • Space Clearing- I know this sounds basic but really, you need to clear your space after you have experienced loss and anger. You need to get rid of the negative energy and bring the positive energy back in. I would do this once you start feeling a bit of connection again. Whatever your preferred way of cleansing happens to be.
  • Unplug- This is a hard one! LOL! Coming from someone who is plugged in most of the day and night, it really does help to stay of the phone, iPad and laptop. Play with the kids. Read a book or many books in my case. I forgot how much I love to read. Reading really connected me back to my creative side and helped me tap into my emotions. I know it is hard but trust me. Spend some time in the real world and you will be feeling whole again.