The full moon is here again!


The full moon is a time to release what no longer serves us and also a time of clearing and protecting our space. It is such a fun time to do rituals with kids, even the littlest can join in!


Here are some fun activities that my kids and I will be doing tonight.



  • Kids love to make noise! So today we will be clearing our home of any negative or stuck energies. The kids will use musical instruments or they can even clap loudly as we walk room to room. Make sure they get in the corners and behind the doors. While they are making the noise to break up the energy, I will be reciting this spell……
Bless this home and all within,
Mothers, Fathers, Children, Friends,
Keep safe and calm this hearth and home,
Never here let evil roam,
Protect this house from darkest sorrow,
Bless this home, now and tomorrow.
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  • We will light our moon candle which is simply a large white candle. Each child will then have a little candle to light {birthday cake candles 😉 } They will light their candle, say out loud what they would like to let go of this month or what they need to forget about and then they will blow out their candle, sending their intentions up to the god and goddess. Then we will eat cookies! Yum!



  • At bedtime, we will read stories about the full moon. Here are two books that are very cute! There are even short videos on YouTube with the book being read.

Kitten’s First Full Moon

YouTube version

The Full Moon At The Napping House

YouTube version


Have a blessed Full Moon mamas!

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