Autumn is my favorite time of year.

It is the beginning of the decent into the darkness of winter. A time to harvest all that we planted in the spring and summer. A time to tie up all the loose ends.


Lately I have noticed that I am way more tired then normal. That tiredness that goes deep into your bones. No matter how much rest you have, you feel drained.

I am vacuuming the first floor like I do every single morning.

Living in a house with….

  • six kids
  • 2 large, hairy dogs
  • 4 cats
  • 2 bunnies
  • 1 hamster
  • 2 geckos
  • and one husband

This means that I need to vacuum on a daily basis.

And as I am vacuuming, I go into the little guest bathroom. I look in the corner and see the little potty seat, just sitting there. Where it has been for months now. A potty seat that my 3 1/2 year old won’t use and is too big for anyway.

I instantly start to berate myself.

  • It is still sitting there
  • Why have I not put that away yet?
  • what am I waiting for?
  • why do I always procrastinate?
  • why do I always leave things lying around and
  • why am I so unorganized?!?


Then I realize, I am leaking energy.

These little things that are half way done. Unorganized. Forgotten until you trip on it again. These little things we deal with on an everyday basis as mamas. We end up beating ourselves up about them all the time. We may not realize it at first. But I promise you, we do. Every time I come across one of these “loose ends“, it leaks some more of my energy.


I decided I need to address this issue.


We are approaching Halloween, which is the pagan New Year. So it is time to tackle this problem and get a hold of the leaks. And I know there are other mamas that feel the same way. So what I decided to do is take the next week and create my Energy Leak list! My plan is to take a week of noting all the little leaks throughout my day and then take action on those leaks.


I am hoping to have completed all of my leaks by the Winter Solstice, December 21st. And I am starting with that stupid potty seat….


Want to join me in my quest? Just enter your email address for my detailed PDF on fixing our leaks 🙂