The baby’s heart has stopped.


Those are words no pregnant woman wants to hear. And yet, here I was again. It didn’t shock me so much this time. The pregnancy was complicated from the start.


Really, I never let myself get connected this time.


Recurring loss has a way of disconnecting you from experiences that should be sacred. It is horrible. However, your higher self feels it is a necessary action to take.



Surgery went well and healing was quick and easy.


I was left feeling very disconnected from myself, my family and my spiritual practices. I had no desire to do anything. I knew I needed to find a way to reconnect to all that was important to me.


I want to share with you some things I have done over the past month.


First, I want to address a very important issue. Women who have suffered a loss are very much susceptible to postpartum depression, as are women who have had PPD in the past. Loss can trigger the depression all over again. If you are feeling depressed, overly anxious or are feeling hopeless, you need to call your healthcare provider ASAP. You can also call a hotline and speak to someone trained to help you. There is a hotline you can text a counselor, and the number to text is 741741. There is also the Postpartum Support International and the number is 800-994-4PPD. And of course, there are many Facebook groups for PPD mamas. You do NOT need to walk through this alone. 


Also, if you are looking for a ritual to heal from the pregnancy loss, I have included the sign up for my free healing ritual.


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Okay, so on to my ideas that I wanted to share with you all.


You can do one of them or all of them. Whatever works for you. I did them all since I was very motivated to get back in touch with everything that I hold dear.


  • Journaling- As much eye rolling that I do when people tell me to practice gratitude, this is one time it really does help. When you wake up in the morning, find at least 2 things to that the Goddess/God for and be grateful. Try not to pick the easy things like I have a comfy bed and we have food to eat. Dig deep!
  • Water Therapy- I love this one! Everyday, spend time in water. Everyday. Take a hot bath with salts, herbs or essential oils. Take a hot shower and spend time just feeling the water beat on your skin. Play in the sprinkler with your kids. Got to a creek or a lake with your little ones. Water is an amazing healer and connects you to Mother Earth.
  • Incantation- Chose a morning or evening incantation and say it everyday. Even if you are not feeling it. Just do it.
  • Meditation- I chose a crystal and carry it with you every day. Throughout the day, take the stone in your hand and close your eye. Breath. And for just one minute, ground yourself and say thank you. Try to do this a few times a day. Crystals that are great for this purpose are rose quartz, sunstone or unakite.
  • Goddess- Choose a goddess to connect with on a daily basis. Make a small altar for her if you can. If not, it is totally fine. Find time to spend 5 quick minutes with her once a day. Light a candle, close your eyes and call her to you. Then in your mind or spoken aloud, say I am here, I am open, I am waiting, I am listening. And then just listen. She may have something to say to you or she may not. If you received a message,write it down in your journal. Say thank you. Blow out the candle and go about your day knowing you are protected and loved.
  • Space Clearing- I know this sounds basic but really, you need to clear your space after you have experienced loss and anger. You need to get rid of the negative energy and bring the positive energy back in. I would do this once you start feeling a bit of connection again. Whatever your preferred way of cleansing happens to be.
  • Unplug- This is a hard one! LOL! Coming from someone who is plugged in most of the day and night, it really does help to stay of the phone, iPad and laptop. Play with the kids. Read a book or many books in my case. I forgot how much I love to read. Reading really connected me back to my creative side and helped me tap into my emotions. I know it is hard but trust me. Spend some time in the real world and you will be feeling whole again.