The test was positive.

I was shocked to say the least. I have been trying to bring one last little soul here earthside with our family for over 3 years now. No easy task at 46 years old. But my magick I had been doing worked and there was the proof.

Two lines on the test.

So of course, I took several more tests, just to be sure. I told my family. My older kids were happy but reserved. I had a loss back in 2015 that was pretty hard on everyone. So they were a bit worried about me. I told them all I was celebrating every day this little soul chose to hang out with me. It turned out to be not long at all. I lost her a week later.

Pregnancy loss, miscarriage, is never an easy topic to discuss.

People don’t know what they should or should not say. But often, the quietness is deafening. Is travel ruby pregnant? Pregnancy loss sucks It’s okay to say that to a mama going through it. One thing I have learned from personal experience is it doesn’t matter how early you are when you lose a little one. From the moment you see the positive test, you love that child and you start to make plans right away. This is my eighth little one I have lost. It never gets easier and then pain never really does go away.

Releasing the grief and setting the guilt free is necessary.

I realized that I had never held any type of memorial for the little souls that were lost. I felt this time, I needed to do a ritual. And I needed to include the other 7 little ones too. I researched for a few days and found nothing to suit my needs.

So I created my own ritual.

I performed it last night, during the Dark Moon. The last tiny sliver of the waning moon that you cannot even see before celebrating new beginnings with the New Moon. It was tough. It was difficult. But, it was beautiful and magickal. And I am so happy that I took the time to remember each little one, turning them over to the goddess and then releasing them back to the earth, hopefully coming back if they chose to do so.

Magickal Healing Ritual for Pregnancy Loss

sage for cleansing or whatever you use to cleanse
a white candle
an object to represent the pregnancy or spirit that was lost. This could be a crystal, a picture or any other object that has significant meaning to you that you are able to let go of.
a small jar or a fireproof pot/cauldron
any crystals you would like to work with
Cleanse your space

Cast your circle

Call in the quarters

Light your candle and call in whichever Goddess or Deity you feel led to work with. I chose Hecate.

This is the time to tell her everything you feel about the loss. Allow the Goddess to listen and to offer you comfort.

I read a very beautiful poem.

Then take whatever object you have brought to the ritual, hold it in your hands and say a prayer to your lost little one.

For something that is burnable, you can then burn it in your pot or cauldron. Concentrate on releasing that little one back into the Universe

For something that you would like to bury or release back into the earth, you can place it in the jar and bury it in the yard. Or, you could release the stone or crystal into running water such as a stream. {do this after the ritual is over}

Sit and meditate as long as needed.

Release the quarters

Close the circle.

For a more detailed and in depth description on the ritual I created and performed, please enter your information below. The PDF includes step by step instructions with prayers, invocations and many other suggestions that may fulfill your needs.

Blessed Be!

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