Winter Solstice and Yule Celebration Package

Here it is mamas!

Everything you need to have a peaceful and relaxing Winter Solstice celebration with your children.

It’s all done for you, loaded onto a password protected page and ready to be downloaded at your convenience.

Only 37.00

Wheel Of The Year Booklet

A booklet explaining the basics of celebrating the Wheel Of The Year

A Visit To Mother Winter

This is a version of the story of Mabon that is so entertaining for the kids.

Family Rituals and Recipes

A booklet containing family activities and recipes for a yummy feast.

Activities For Younger Children

A booklet containing three activities for the younger children to enjoy.

Activities For Older Children

A booklet containing three activities for the older children to enjoy.

Solitary Mama Ritual

A ritual for mama to do when she has time alone to honor the holiday.

Private Facebook Group

A private group for us all to share our experiences, ask questions and learn from each other.

Instructional Videos

Videos that show you how to do the activities for those of us who like to learn visually.

Magickal Ritual Oil Recipe

A printable PDF with the recipe for our Mabon magickal ritual oil.